About Us
In case you were wondering what the T and S stood for in our company that would be us, Tom and Sarah. We are a couple from Maine who love to stay busy and express our creativity through projects. T&S Designs started when we saw a wine rack on pinterest and thought what a great wedding gift that would make.

After we saw how easily we could put the wine rack together, we were i n s p i r e d. We had so much fun together creating projects in our spare time that we decided to make a business out of it! We pride ourselves in making something out of nothing. Through trial and error we've mastered carefully crafted, handmade items created and designed specifically to your wants and needs! 
We have designed a wide array of pieces with a rustic, farmhouse style in mind. From traditional home furniture & decor to intricate signs and lawn games, we have created specific projects from client instruction to completely original pieces. Each require different tools and a lot of love

We believe in supporting local, hardworking businesses and truly appreciate all of the love and support we have received from our c u s t o m e r s  to help our dreams come to life and stay alive! 
Please email us for customized pieces, special requests or any ideas that you would like brought to life! 

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